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Every one believes that the Universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of sprits and angels

A group of dedicated souls are waiting to share their life time experiences to the Western World. Astrology is the manual book of the human beings. Open the door to lead your life with full of happiness, peace and prosperity. Every signs and guidelines are in your hand. If you know the condition of vehicle and the direction of the route then there is no doubt to reach the destination on time. Prequation is better than cure. You will get complete solutions for your good luck with bliss, blessings and benediction.

Your Question & Problem: What is suitable for you?

Accommodation: Own house, Rental, Homelessness, Immigration

Education: Services, Job, Business, Sports, Music, Politics, Spiritual

Finance: Inherited, Lottery, Gift or donation

Health: Life span, Children, Sexual Problem, Accident, Depression Relationship: Marriage, Divorce, Enemy

Our Answer, Suggessition & Solutions according to Vedic Scriptures & Your Place, Time and Circumstances:

Horoscope, Numerology, Palm, Face, Mole Clarification and Prediction.

Vastu Shastra, Match making, Career forecast, Graha santi, Mangalik karma, Stone & Gems, Narasimha Kabachabam.

Srimad Bhagavat Katha, Mantra meditation, Annaprasan, Marrage,Puja, Sraddha, Shanti Yagna, and all kinds of ritual activities done here.

Guaranted Privacy & Confidenciality

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365 Days Availability with Appointment only. We welcome everyone without any Discrimination of Races – Religions - Genders – Countries of origin – Sexual orientation

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Sri Nrisimhadev Mahavisekam: Protect from all obstacles

Disclaimer: Though our Astrology team can help you in solving your problems “Result may vary from person to person, Time Changes, mercy or offences towards god or saintly person”. No result is 100% granted. It is completely based on the Scripture and problem of persons.


What Kind of Solutions Provided to You by Melbourne Astrology Centre

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